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3 Well-Done Restaurant Promotions (And You'll Remember #2)

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 10, 2017 8:04:00 AM / by Henry Fan

learn from these 3 famous restaurant promotions

If you’re a restaurant owner or manager wanting to improve business, it may help to come up with a solid promotion for your company. In the past, restaurant greats have used a combination of careful strategy and ingenious restaurant campaigns to bring in more business. It can be challenging to determine a brand-new promotion that will provide the results you’re looking for, so why not look at those of some major corporations and see how their famous restaurant promotions succeeded?  Related: 6 Creative Restaurant Promotions that Win Over Customers

Famous Restaurant Promotions that Worked

Using a variety of tools, these three restaurant giants created their own promotions with a high success rate.

1. Applebee’s: Lunchtime Guarantee

Seeking to improve lunch sales, this Applebee’s campaign promises customers their lunch will be ready within 14 minutes, or it’s free. As a result, the restaurant saw almost a 10% increase in lunch sales. This strategy worked because it appealed to busy employees who can go to Applebee’s and eat and still make it back to work before their lunch hour is over.

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2. Taco Bell: Taco Bell Breakfast

Announcing that 5,500 stores would be serving a morning menu, Taco Bell broke into the breakfast market with a clever advertising video. The video features men named Ronald McDonald across the country eating and loving the restaurant’s new breakfast items. It tells customers that Taco Bell has food everyone will love, even people named Ronald McDonald, a clear reference to their competitor.

This promotion succeeded not only due to the memorable ad but also because it brought customers significantly different breakfast choices than are available at other American fast food restaurants.

3. Domino’s: ‘Oh, Yes, We Did’ Promotion

Domino’s knew that they had to make a change once sales declined considerably and stores began closing. The corporation overhauled its menu and retrained its staff. To get the word out about their changes, Domino’s did a documentary called “Oh, Yes We Did” and even rented a billboard in Time’s Square that depicted customer reviews.

Their strategy worked, and they saw a revenue increase of 14.5%. The restaurant can attribute their success in large part to their humility: They weren’t afraid to tell their customers that they knew they needed to improve and to show them how they’d do exactly that. Who can help but not root for a comeback?

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How to Make Your Promotion Succeed

The competition is fierce, so it’s essential to come up with a promotion that will help you stand out. Consider the following tips to begin your campaign:

  • Use social media to tell customers about your promotion. Posting pictures of your product will also help bring in those visual foodies.
  • Introduce customers to your staff members by showing them off on your social media pages. Be sure to take pictures of them working and smiling. Customers remember happy employees.
  • Invest in geo-targeted ads. Most people are looking for a restaurant near home or work, so it could pay off to ensure that your promotional ads are seen by people only within a certain radius.

Marketing Materials With SILKCARDS

With the right promotion, you can get the types of results the restaurant greats achieved. Using marketing materials from SILKCARDS is a great way to get started on generating more business for your company.

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