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Are Colored Edge Business Cards Right for You?

[fa icon="calendar"] March 7, 2020 / by Gil Watts

Your business card needs to make a lasting impression — plain cards just don’t cut it anymore. Luckily, design details like colored edges can take your card from boring to bold.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some examples of colored edge business cards and go over ways to make colored edges work well for your card.

What are colored edge business cards?

The colored edge process involves applying inks or foil (sometimes known as gilding) to the side edges of the card stock. This can add an extra layer of creativity and sophistication, and tie together the design of the card as a whole for a more cohesive look.

Business cards for any industry can look great with colored edges, so whether or not you should use them depends more on your branding and personal taste than your type of business. 

Here are a few reasons why using colored edges can make your business card even more effective:

They stand out

If you’re not a fan of bright colors but want to avoid a boring card, colored edges are a great option.

You don’t have to make the face of your cards a bright color for them to make an outsized impact! Business card edges are usually white, so any deviation from that norm will help your card stand out from the pile.

Business card that is white on one side, black on the other, with gold accents and matching gold edges.

Especially for cards that are primarily black or white, metallic edges add a level of sophistication without overpowering the rest of the design.

Gray business card with a black logo and neon green edges.

A pop of color can be the difference between plain and sophisticated.


They emphasize your brand

Colors create and reinforce subconscious connections with your brand, increasing brand recognition by up to 80%. Colored edges are a smart, easy way to add another pop of color from your brand’s color scheme and establish an association with specific colors in the recipient’s mind.

Plus, the use of a colored edge that matches accents on the card can make it cohesive and appealing from all angles, tying together the whole design.

To make sure your brand colors match exactly, work with a professional printer that offers the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

With this system, there are over one thousand fixed colors to choose from, and colors are mixed precisely based on specific formulas for next-level consistency. No matter where your brand colors are on your card (front, back, or edges), they’ll be an exact match with PMS printing.

Black business card with intricate spot UV printing, red accents, and red edges.

These red edges tie in with the logo and reinforce the brand color scheme.

They’re versatile

Whether you’re looking for a wild pop of color or a bit of subtle sophistication, colored edges can make it happen. Sleek colors like black, gray, or gold lean more towards professionalism, while brighter colors give off a playful impression.

Custom PMS Colored edges are particularly versatile. If you’re already using foil printing techniques on the face of your card, incorporating more foil accents on the edges makes for a cohesive, bold look. 

Even if your card is more on the subtle side, adding foiled edges can make it pop without going overboard.

Bright azure blue business card with a silver and hot pink logo and matching hot pink edges.

This shade of hot pink makes a bold statement for both the logo and the edges.


Black business card with a metallic silver logo and silver edges.

Understated gray edges add some interest and help create this card’s cohesive look.


Cobalt blue business card with gold foil accents and foiled edges.

Metallic foiled edges tie in with the foil on the face of this card.

They pair well with thick card stock

Choosing a high-quality card stock is step one to creating a great business card. With a thick card stock, you get the benefits of durability, a more memorable tactile experience, and a particularly good opportunity for colored edges.

The thicker the card stock, the more noticeable the colored edges will be.

Matte black 48pt business card with a debossed logo and bright orange edges.

These cards are ultra-thick 48pt, so the orange edges make an even bigger impact.

No matter your industry or brand image, colored edges, whether ink or foil, can add an extra element of surprise and memorability to your business card, and make the design more cohesive as a whole. Whether you choose a bright, playful color or a more subtle accent, colored edges will make your business card stand out in a sea of plain cards.


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Gil Watts

Written by Gil Watts

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