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Angel Lozano

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Business Card Design for Makeup Artists: Your Art Lives on Your Card

[fa icon="calendar'] September 18, 2019 / by Angel Lozano posted in Business cards, design, Illustration

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Aesthetics reign supreme in the beauty industry, and first impressions matter. When clients are deciding who to book, they want to see creativity, artistic talent, and a sense of style that jives with their own — and there’s no better place to look than on a business card.

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Seasonal Illustration Techniques for Fall

[fa icon="calendar'] September 6, 2019 / by Angel Lozano posted in design, Illustration

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Seasons change, and so do color palettes — as the weather gets colder, colors get warmer, shifting toward oranges, reds, and browns to reflect the changing colors of leaves. 

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Adding Hand-Drawn Design Elements: Finding the Right Balance For Your Brand

[fa icon="calendar'] August 28, 2019 / by Angel Lozano posted in Business cards, branding, design

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Design doesn’t have to be daunting, even for people who lack a formal design background. Well executed, hand-drawn logos on business cards create a rich, highly personal look that can help define a brand. They can be light, whimsical, and welcoming, or they can be abstract, moody, or stripped down to the basics — it all depends on your inspiration. Paired with the right typography and layout, hand-drawn ink illustrations can tap into an emotional experience, not unlike the illustrations in your favorite family cookbook. 

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