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Retailer's and Solopreneur's Guide to Holiday Physical and Digital Marketing

[fa icon="calendar'] October 9, 2019 / by Henry Fan posted in branding, marketing, Print

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The holidays are quickly approaching and retailers are preparing for the busiest, most lucrative season of the year. 2018’s total holiday spending amounted to about $707.5 billion, and it’s safe to say retailers can expect a similar number (or higher) for this year. 

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Silkcards Rebrand: Unveiled

[fa icon="calendar'] April 16, 2019 / by Henry Fan posted in Business cards, design

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I’m overjoyed to announce that we’ve launched a new look. Check out the new website and our brand refresh here: https://4colorprint.com/.

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How To Make a Strong First Impression with Your Business Card

[fa icon="calendar'] February 20, 2019 / by Henry Fan posted in Business cards, design

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Despite the business world’s transition towards digital marketing, business cards have remained the most effective direct marketing tool.

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What Brand Colors and Fonts Say About Your Business

[fa icon="calendar'] February 13, 2019 / by Henry Fan posted in branding, marketing, design

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From Nike’s swoosh to the golden arches of McDonald’s, the most successful businesses have built and fostered a recognizable brand image.

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Why Your Brand Plan is Bigger than Your Business Plan

[fa icon="calendar'] February 6, 2019 / by Henry Fan posted in design, typography

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5 Networking Tips To Leave A Lasting Impression

[fa icon="calendar'] November 14, 2018 / by Henry Fan posted in Business cards, marketing, networking, design

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Once you learn how to make a strong impression on prospects, networking opportunities are everywhere.

Many people associate networking with very specific professional functions, such as conferences or “networking events.” What they don’t realize is that an unassuming event like a happy hour with friends can be as good an opportunity to meet new contacts as the annual industry meetup.

If the idea of networking somewhere informal sounds awful, you might want to reassess how you network; it isn’t always about polish and salesmanship — you want to make connections that matter. Here are five tips to stack the odds in your favor:

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What Your Business Card Says About You

[fa icon="calendar'] November 6, 2018 / by Henry Fan posted in Business cards, marketing, networking, design, typography

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Every time you hand your business card out, you’re giving someone something to remember you by. How they remember you — as someone serious or light hearted, flaky or reliable, an industry veteran or a bold disruptor — depends on what your business card looks and feels like.

Even the simplest things can color someone’s memory and judgement. If your card is completely non-descript or has a small typo, they might think about you as someone forgettable or without a good grasp of the details. On the other hand, if your card is uniquely designed to reflect your personal style, it might just be enough to get that person to pick up the phone and work with you.

In this blog post we’ll look at five aspects of card design and how the decisions you make about each one can impact what your business card says about you.

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How to Increase Brand Awareness (Online & Offline)

[fa icon="calendar'] May 28, 2018 / by Henry Fan posted in branding

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One of the most critical challenges marketers face today is raising brand awareness. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on beta testing for a new product if consumers never find out about it. Many newer companies face this problem, but even more established ones can lose out to their aggressive new competitors. The good news is there are nearly endless online and offline opportunities to increase brand awareness for your company.

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What Are the Different Types of Brand Awareness?

[fa icon="calendar'] May 8, 2018 / by Henry Fan

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Did you know the average American will interact with 16,000 different brands every day? Having a strong brand that stands out to consumers will allow you to remain on top in even the toughest industries. As a business owner or marketing professional, you are already aware of what brand awareness is and why it’s important. But do you know which branding strategies will work best for you? If you want to grow your business at the top of the consumer awareness funnel, it’s time to find out.

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What Is the Onboarding Process for New Employees?

[fa icon="calendar'] April 30, 2018 / by Henry Fan posted in productivity

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After sifting through applications and emails and scheduling interviews or meetings, onboarding a new employee seems like just another hassle to fit into your day. But onboarding is an essential part of a new employee’s assimilation. A solid, sound welcome onto the team is a component of great employee retention. Having a honed and refined process can make things less daunting for you from the beginning, and it can make the process go smoothly for you and the new employee.

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