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Frame by Frame: How to Start a Photography Blog Right

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 5, 2017 2:35:00 PM / by Henry Fan

photography blogging done right

As you look to attract more business as a photographer, you may not be sure where to begin. Starting a blog could be the perfect way to garner attention for your brand; you can promote your posts on social media, showcase your best work, gain awareness from friends and family, and build your following. There are a many great blogs out there you can review to not only get ideas for your own but also to see what people are looking for in a blog (and thus a photographer they may be considering hiring).  

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3 Photographer Blogs Done Right

These photographer blogs are excellent examples of how you can build your brand with an online audience:

Joe McNally Photography: http://blog.joemcnally.com/

This blog belongs to Joe McNally, an award-winning photographer who has completed assignments all over the world. His blog is successful because it displays his work beautifully in an easy-to-view layout. On the landing page, his latest blog is front and center with an engaging photo. Previous blogs are displayed underneath in two neat columns. Underneath the archive, Joe keeps his readers in the loop with Latest News from Joe, Upcoming Events and his social media information. Everything his fans could possibly want is easily accessible.

Chase Jarvis: http://www.chasejarvis.com/blog/

Another award-winning photographer, Chase Jarvis uses his blog to not only reach out to his fans but also to host live discussions with other industry professionals. Utilizing a combination of the traditional written blog and video, he provides his readers with tips on how to become successful in the industry through a series of informative posts. His blogs have been shared hundreds of times on social media platforms, so his readers clearly enjoy learning from his experience in the industry.   

Scott Bourne: https://photofocus.com/blog/

Photographer Scott Bourne uses Photofocus to reach those who are interested in learning more about the trade. Through regular podcasts and blog posts, he provides tips and tricks for photographers of all levels, and he discusses new products and other industry news. With more than 100,000 Twitter followers, Scott continues to engage readers through his informative posts. The Photofocus blog is easy to navigate with a handy search function so that fans can find the Scott Bourne posts they’re looking for.

How to Start a Photography Blog: Tips for Beginners

The following tips will help you create a successful blog that will impress your readers and earn more clients for your business.

  • Turn readers into customers: Make sure your blog covers everything your readers will need to use your services. Include your location, prices, contact information, and services.
  • Keep up with your posts: Post on a regular schedule. Having an outdated blog can send the wrong message to your audience, so you should decide on how often you want to post and stick to it to ensure your fans come back for more.
  • Be selective: Don’t overwhelm readers with a ton of photos. Choose your most prized photographs and use those to feature on your blog.
  • Always be a professional: The blog shouldn’t be used to air your grievances or complain about assignments. This could give your readers the wrong idea. It’s fine to show your personality, but keep it positive and don’t over-share details about your personal life.

One way to really promote your photography blog is by including the website on your business card and handing that out to every prospect and customer you have.

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Another strategy is to post the "reveal" photosor the final results of your most recent shooton the blog and direct your customers to download from the blog and/or share the announcement on social media. Not only will their friends and family want to see the photos, but they'll be going directly to your blog to do it.

As a professional photographer, starting a blog is a great way to market your brand and get more customers. Use these tips, and your photography blog may just become as successful as the greats. If you need help developing your promotional materials, our design experts can help you craft business cards and more that are just as show-stopping as your photos are.

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