For many years, the stanazy course has been used by athletes of various sports. Athletes became the pioneers of this unique drug. It is the most popular steroid among chess players, runners, and swimmers.

Doping tests confirm the uniqueness of the steroid. A considerable number of track and field athletes were found using the mill and disqualified. The athletes did not risk in vain. The drug has justified itself with amazing results and excellent efficacy.

Stanozolol in bodybuilding appeared after fighters, swimmers, chess players. Its main advantage was real muscle building, bypassing the retention of excess moisture in the body. The photos seen prove this statement.

Stanozolol course (aka Winstrol)

The athletes carry out a solo course of Winstrol to get muscle relief, traced venousness, and increase power indicators. Athletes with sufficient mass and moderate body fat can use stonazolol. The dosage of Winstrol tablets or injections ranges from thirty to fifty milligrams daily.

How to take the drug

The injection stance requires frequent use. Many athletes give injections to the muscle groups of the biceps, deltoid, triceps. Bodybuilders use injections directly into the muscle as this method makes it stiffer and causes local additional hypertrophy of the muscle.

Powerlifters and bodybuilders can inject fifty milligrams a day every day. There are options for taking the drug every other day or two days. For girls and novice athletes, the second option is more suitable: taking the drug in two days. Experienced bodybuilders, in order to obtain high-quality muscles, use the drug every other day.