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Our 8 Favorite 3D Business Cards

[fa icon="calendar"] March 5, 2020 / by Gil Watts

Most business cards are so thin they’re practically two-dimensional. 14pt and 16pt are the two most common business card thicknesses.

Thin business cards aren’t without their merits — they’re cheaper, and they fit more easily into wallets and business card holders — but if you really want to get creative and make an epic impression on your contact, you have to think thick.

With thick business cards and ultra-thick business cards, you have the ability to add all kinds of unique effects to your design, like colored edges. But our favorite thing about thick cardstock — we’re talking 32pt and 48pt cards — is that you can use them to create 3D business cards.

This effect is achieved by essentially layering two cards over one another, one of which has been die-cut to produce a three-dimensional design.

Let’s take a look at eight 3D business cards to show you what we mean:


3D real estate business card

3D real estate business card with black and red design
This real estate business card includes a bold, bright, 3D treatment of every home seller’s favorite four-letter word: “SOLD.”


3D media company business card

3D digital media company business card with sci-fi design
A combination of thick cardstock, die cutting, colored edges, and foil treatment give this card a sleek sci-fi attitude.


3D restaurant business cards

3D IHOP business card with foil, blue and red3D greek restaurant business card with foil







These restaurant business cards both make use of 3D die-cut layers and foil to achieve truly stunning results.


3D lawn care business card

3D lawn care business card with grass texture, die cut letters
This card for Grasshopper Lawn Care cleverly uses 3D layers to make their design hop off the textured background.


Debossed 3D business card

3D debossed business card for education company, yellow and white

Unlike the other cards on this list, this card uses debossing rather than die cutting to achieve a 3D effect. Debossing, typically used for lettering and textures, is in this case used to give the hand artwork a three-dimensional look.


Colorful 3D business card

Colorful 3D business card with multicolor wolf design
If you look closely, you’ll see that this thick business card uses a few special tricks to make it appear more three-dimensional than it actually is. It uses die-cutting on the wordmark and hexagon texture, a 3D drop shadow on the L, and spot UV treatment for the spikes.


Black 3D business card

3D tint company business card with black brick texture
What’s sleeker than black on black? Red accents and a spot UV brick texture make this 3D business card ooze cool.

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Gil Watts

Written by Gil Watts

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