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Pinterest For Photographers: 6 Mistakes You Might Be Making

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 10, 2017 2:50:35 PM / by Brielle Yang

Brielle Yang

Pinterest for photographers made simple: avoid these mistakes

What makes one person or business stand out over another is highly variable and hard to quantify.  But even if you are struggling with getting leads from your social media or you want to take your photography brand to the next level, you can make small changes today to see its profitability.

Pinterest is often difficult for businesses and entrepreneurs to understand how to use because the return on investment is not immediate. But the advantage that Pinterest has over other sites is that the content remains relevant in the long-term, so consistency is a must to get the most out of using this platform.

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Pinterest Mistakes Photographers Make When Promoting Their Business

Pinterest is priceless for its ability to elevate your customer’s experience. Therefore, it works best a relational and organizational tool in addition to a  marketing tool for creating new clients. To make your Pinterest use more efficient, avoid these mistakes.

1. Forgetting to read the Pinterest analytics

These tools help you be a more effective pinner. As a photographer, looking at the data will help you understand how your target market pins their ideas. Improving based on insights can also lead to greater customer engagement; making them happy will lead to word-of-mouth. 

2. Using Pinterest strictly for products

This marketing strategy is a mistake because it turns people off. Only pinning new services with a price is perceived as pushy. You want the things that you post to engage your clients in their photographic journey with you. Tell a story, provide valuable content, and win their hearts over time. Not everyone is ready to buy the moment they see your stuff.

3. Abandoning your Pinterest account altogether

Pinterest is an excellent tool to drive traffic to your website and blog. But if you forget about your account before you can use your following to your advantage, then you are missing out. Pinterest has the longest lifespan for content out of any of the social platforms, so don't give up before you start seeing lasting ROI!

4. Neglecting to watermark your photographs

If you do not watermark your original content on the web, then you are giving someone else the opportunity to capitalize on your content. There are plenty of savages who will take your pictures and screenprint on a shirt to make money without giving you any kickbacks. If you have the same handle on all of your social sites, then this can be a useful watermark, or you can simply use your business's logo.

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5. Forgetting to describe your pictures

Without the description of your images, then your pins do not come up in the searches. Also using relevant hashtags as well as creating some for your brand is a great use of this space and linking it to the other social platforms. It will help you to make your content easily found when someone does become interested and distinguishes you from other photographers on Pinterest.

6. Keeping your pins too broad

Someone may not be searching for any photographer. Chances are, they're gathering information for an upcoming event or occasion. Focusing on a particular niche that you like and gearing your content toward that niche may be a better use of your time. For example, newborn baby photography is an excellent niche, and you can tailor your photos and pins to showcase your newborn shots. The content should be varied but geared to your niche, helping you create more relevant boards.

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The love and passion you feel for your craft will always translate in your photos. The talent of encapsulating an ephemeral moment is an important aspect of human communication. It is also part of the reason why you choose to do this profession. Pinterest users are compiling ideas for creating a piece of their life, and you can provide them with beauty and knowledge with your photographs. With this in mind, Pinterest for photographers is a no-brainer.

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Brielle Yang

Written by Brielle Yang

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