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There’s No Excuse for Plain Business Cards

[fa icon="calendar"] February 13, 2020 / by Gil Watts

This post was originally published in May 2016, and has been revised with updated information about Silkcards business card options.

27 million business cards are printed daily. So how do you get people excited by yours? Deviate from the traditional business cards that people see every day. 

Plain business cards are a thing of the past. If you want your business to stand out from a sea of boring, predictable business cards, you need to look beyond old templates, designs, and paper options, and think outside the box.

There are plenty of modern selections available that will make your business shine and get noticed. Let’s go over some options for stand-out business cards from Silkcards, including materials and finishes.


Plain cardstock business cards just don’t cut it anymore — they’re forgettable and dull. For a look that will stand out in the recipient’s memory, choose one of these high-quality materials:


Silk business cards are matte silk laminated on both sides, and the finish is smooth to the touch. The sleek smoothness offers a modern feel, and will be especially intriguing to anyone who comes in contact with your business cards, offering an instant and memorable "wow" factor.

Companies that consider themselves forward-thinking, modern, and unique should consider investing in the luxury of silk business cards.

Silk business cards


Suede business cards have a velvety finish that is reminiscent of soft suede for a memorable tactile experience. The finish on suede cards also makes colors appear more vibrant, and creates the perfect balance between softness and durability.

When you hand someone a suede card, you’re communicating that your business is sophisticated and elegant.

Suede business cards

Onyx Suede

These 22pt cards are matte black, and suede laminated on both sides. Onyx suede cards work especially well with spot UV printing, because the glossy ink offers an interesting contrast with the matte suede background.


Onyx Suede Business Card


Made using card stock with a small woven grid pattern, linen business cards offer a distinctive look and feel that’s popular with professionals like attorneys, lawyers, and consultants. The material is left uncoated so recipients can appreciate the tactile sensation of the woven texture.

Linen Foil Business Cards


Traditional cotton letterpress cards are made with old world techniques, resulting in a classy, timeless, handcrafted look.

Makers, crafters, and independent artisans often choose the look and feel of cotton cards to represent their businesses.

Cotton letterpress cards

Cold Foil

Created using a combination of Silk lamination and foil effects, cold foil cards have a shiny, metallic look. This material looks especially great when paired with raised UV printing, custom die cutting, or embossing for a design that really pops.




These affordable and unique cards can be made from either cherry or beech wood, and enhanced with laser etching and foil. Wood cards offer a warm, natural touch, making them a good choice for artisans and designers.

Wood business cards


With a smooth and shiny feel, plastic business cards work particularly well in bold, bright colors.

Plastic cards are also particularly durable, tear resistant, and waterproof. Their durability makes them cost effective — they last far longer than cardstock, so you won’t need to reorder as often.

Plastic business  cards

Finishes and techniques

Your business card design shouldn’t stop with material selection. To add more layers of interest, you can play with effects on your business cards that will elevate the design. Here are a few of the special finishes and printing techniques you can add to your Silkcards order:

Spot UV

Spot UV is a printing technique targeting a specific area of a card (rather the entire surface area) to add depth and contrast through various levels of sheen and texture.

With raised spot UV printing, UV ink is raised off the surface of the card, adding more texture and drawing attention to particular visual elements. For that extra bling factor, dusting spot UV adds glitz and glam with a raised glitter effect.

Spot UV business card

Colored edges

Applying colored ink on the edges of your cards is a versatile technique that can be as subtle or as bold as you want. The thicker the stock used, the more dramatic the edge coloring. 

You can use these colored edges to contrast with your logo or graphics, or to complement the solid background color of your card.

Colored edges business cards

Die cut

Die cut business cards feature custom shapes that can be designed to match any brand and stand out from typical rectangle cards. Die cut cards are not limited in terms of paper stock, weight, color or finish.

You can also get custom shapes cut into your card, for a multilayer 3D effect.

Die cut business cards


You can add shiny, metallic accents to your card with foil lamination. The foil and silk lamination process allows you to highlight a logo, business name, or graphic to make it stand out and (literally) shine.



Embossing and Debossing

Embossed cards include elements (images, textures, text, etc.) that are raised up from the card’s surface, while debossed cards feature elements that are indented into the surface of the card.

Embossing is done by pressing a metal die on the back of the card so the front will have the raised design element. For debossing, enough pressure is applied to the front of the card to create an indented look without pushing through the material.

Embossed business cards

And more

In addition to the printing techniques we’ve described here, Silkcards also offers a number of other options, including two-layer lamination for a 3D effect, printing with a mix of matte and gloss finishes, and metallic inks.

You can also choose to print on textured cardstock, or select a high-gloss, tear-proof, water-resistant lamination technique. No matter what kind of look and feel you’re going for with your business cards, Silkcards has the unique finishes to make them stand out.

The sky’s the limit

Your business cards should be impressive and make an impact. Rather than going for something plain, take advantage of the high-quality, unique options that will impress potential customers.

From cotton cards with subtle embossing to bright, bold, die cut plastic cards, create something that truly represents yourself and your business — something you’ll be proud to share with the world!


At Silkcards, we have all of the above selections and more. Ready to create a one-of-a-kind design? Get started.

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Gil Watts

Written by Gil Watts

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